1handle (1handle) wrote in pennbandos,

Homecoming 2004

Hey, are there any plans for Homecoming 2004? Is the band doing a reception of some sort, etc? For that matter, who is the friggin' alumni contact?
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are you on oxymoron? They'll probably tell us there. If not I guess someone can try to remember to pass that info to here.

I will be at homecoming, for the game and everything. Usually the reception thingy is right after the game, in case you're making travel plans. There is also usually a party that night (for undergrads and very recent alums but if that's your think you can show up...I didn't make it last year, my first year out. Might try it this year.)
You calling me a moron? Whipper snapper.

Hang on, you graduated two years ago, in 2002. That means you were in the band around some of the times I was there, right? Did we ever meet?

Anyway, I'm not on oxymoron. I kept up with it for a while, but I found myself increasingly distanced because I didn't know what the hell was going on (since I was no longer in Philly).
I graduated in 2003. That was one year ago, but now I'm the second class out because the 2004s just graduated.
So, I don't know if we ever met, probably not. But I imagine we will in October, right? (btw, why is homecoming so fucking early this year?!)

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Kate first alerted me to the situation and it's totally lame.

OK, so homecoming is USUALLY the first or second weekend in November, and we play either Princeton or Harvard. This year we're playing Columbia (??!?!?!?!) and it's the middle of October -- the 16th. It's probably before long weekend and parent's weekend, which is totally psychotic. The good news is that it's more likely to be warm.

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we are ALWAYS guaranteed to win, Jillian. ;-)
It's currently around a 100 degrees a day with 100% humidity in Memphis. I was looking forward to cold weather.

My thanks for the information!
Yes we will meet (insert ominous music here). You'll get to meet the wife and the kid as well. Don't worry, AT is much more fun to meet than I am (just ask anyone who knows both of us). Oh, and the kid is cute as well.