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Newest Listserve

I figured I can post it here since it really doesn't affect anyone here...

I finally got fed up with all these political emails to oxymoron. Not because of their political nature (I'm quite politically active myself), but because of the attitude behind them. People get so mad over the stupidest things.

So I've created a new listserve for the band called pennband-politics. Besides this group, the only ones that know about it are Pat (he suggested it), Koosh, and Adam. Whenever one of us replies to a political email, we're gonna replace oxymoron with pennband-politics. Eventually (hopefully), they'll catch on and start using only the new listserve.

But here's the catch. Only a select number of people are on the new list. We wanna see how long it takes these few people to realize they're just babbling to themselves. *evil laugh* But now that ya'll know about it, you absolutely must not tell the other bandos about it. Otherwise, you ruin the fun.

Those who got put on the list, based on how often they post political stuff:
Matt Aquiline
Dan Creedon
Tristan English (so I can laugh at it)
Will Fenton
Jason Gavenonis
Kushol Gupta
Al Hemmingsen
Jeff Kohl (just to annoy him)
Melody Kramer
Jim Maceiko
Adam Sherr

Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian... So really, it'll be Matt, Will, TOJ, and Al with the occasional Melody or Koosh.

Hope ya'll enjoy the best new thing since pennband-dave!
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